Amy Dutt – Owner, Principal Designer and Project Manager

Phone: (614) 547 WILD

An engaging 6th grade math lesson may have triggered my lifelong hyper-awareness of the water and lands around us. Our class walked to the river, and armed with sticks, watches, and the question "How fast is the water moving?", we measured and formulated the velocity of a stick traveling on the water. Now, I track with concern the increasing flow rate of our rivers and the increasing time our children spend inside, and can see a link to our rapidly changing land use. Yes, Pooh-Sticks ignited my passion for sustainable land use, and I want to make sure we have functioning natural systems for the next generation to live, learn and play in!

A degree in chemical engineering, 16 years in engineering at Honda, motherhood, and over a decade of hands-on experience with sustainable landscapes give me skills to apply in my work at Urban Wild. My careful study of the natural world, plus know-how in problem solving, planning, project management, quality systems, research and design, manufacturing and building, organizing people toward a goal, and compassionate listening, have all prepared me to bring about more beautiful, beneficial uses for our land.

Urban Wild's many successful projects include public rain gardens, edible schoolyards, natural playscapes, outdoor classrooms, parkland stormwater management plans, natural lands management, and dozens of sustainable home landscapes. Clients include COSI, Ohio Wesleyan University, Liberty Township, public schools and early childhood centers, churches, FLOW, and private landowners.

I love my work at Urban Wild, which is fun and possible through shared work with many collaborators. I know we all have a role to play in changing the way we experience and use our lands. I'm dedicated to creating land use and landscapes that bring greater joy to our life, and bring about the healthier function of our local environment for our children.



Denise Gualtiere – Owner, Inspirations Landscape Design

Web: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Phone: (614) 271-8616

Denise has degrees in Chemistry and Landscape Design. She designs residential and schoolyard gardens, and has a vast knowledge of native plants, vegetable gardening, and habitat gardening. She is experienced at managing contractors to build her designs, and also has experience organizing and leading community members to build and maintain school gardens. Denise has teamed with Urban Wild to design and install the Three Sisters Edible Garden at Brookside Elementary, in Worthington, and to design the rain gardens for Brook Run neighborhood, in Westerville. Amazingly, Denise also parents 3 wonderful children.


Joe Tribble – Owner, Stormwater Consultants

Web: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Phone: (614) 841-2445

Joe has over twenty years of experience engineering conventional stormwater management systems (with pipes and catch basins) in Central Ohio. As a young man, however, Joe witnessed the disappearance of a woodland stream, at his North Carolina home, to upstream development. The un-regulated development changed a freshwater creek, with a variety of habitat, into a turbulent, muddy ditch that constantly overflowed and eroded its banks. That experience, and twenty years of practical observation, has led Joe to believe that "progress does not have to occur at the expense of the environment."

Joe's goal is to work as an integral part of design teams that "think outside the box" as it relates to energy usage, site design, and stormwater management….to use Green Infrastructure for environmentally friendly development.


Susan Weber – Director of Operations, Local Matters

Web: www.local-matters.org Phone: (614) 402-1188

Susan founded Urban Wild in 2001 (our Founding Mother), and has 18 years experience in sustainable landscape design and project management. Susan is now the Director of Operations for Local Matters, facilitating the planning, design, installation and maintenance of Local Matter's Urban Agriculture and Farm to School experiential natural school sites. She has oversight of the Food is Elementary whole-foods curriculum and the Ecology of Food nature curriculum. She is the mother of two sons, loves experimenting with vegan cooking, and is a partner in the Greener Grocer in the Historic North Market.


Nate Elfner – Owner, Elfner Lanscape & Organic Lawncare

Web: www.elfnerlandscape.com Phone: (740) 369-0972

After college, Nate's interests led him to pursue Permaculture training on Prince Edward Island, where he was certified in the ecological approach to designing living spaces, farms and gardens according to the rules of nature. He takes pride in knowing that his company offers homeowners a safe and effective option for their lawn care needs.

Elfner Landscape & Organic Lawncare has served Central Ohio since 2000, with innovative landscapes and unique, organic solutions to plant maintenance and lawn care. They offer all-natural, non-toxic lawn care including organic fertilization, weed suppression, grub control, aeration and over-seeding. "All of our products are safe for your family, pets, and wildlife."

Jim Roberts – Owner, Watershed Organic Lawn Care

Web: www.watershedorganic.com Phone: (614) 774-0532

With a degree in forestry, Jim brings and understanding of ecological processes to landscaping. Watershed Organic specializes in organic lawn care and offers landscaping services including native plantings, invasive plant removal, urban forest restoration, beautiful stonework, and rain gardens.

Watershed Organic has served Central Ohio for over 10 years. Their portfolio includes construction of Edible Schoolyards and Outdoor Learning Environments. In 2010, Watershed is constructing an entire neighborhood of rain gardens, in partnership with Franklin Soil & Water, the City of Westerville, and Urban Wild.

Zach Yocum – Owner, Greenworks Ecological Tree and Landscape

Web: www.greenworksorganics.com Phone: (614) 301-7826

Zach has a 10-year background in the fields of organic horticulture, arboriculture and contracting, and is a certified arborist.  He is devoted to bring the best and most current sustainable and organic methods to our region.

Greenworks Ecological focuses on organic products and practices, and is committed to using alternative fuels and renewable lubricants. They help every client make a difference while enjoying a safer home environment.

Greenworks Ecological offers full landscape services (design, build, maintain) and full tree service (fertilization, pest/disease control, pruning, removal), all using organic methods!


Jonathan, Mike and Zach (aka Gordy) - The Rain Brothers

Web: www.rainbrothers.com Phone: (614) 424-0572

Jonathan, a long-time community gardener working to get fresh produce into a struggling neighborhood, found water access to be a major problem. Friend Gordy, with a passion for sustainable development, joined with Jonathan to build rain barrels for community gardens. And then for other gardens. And soon people all across Columbus requested rain barrels be built for them.

Now, the Rain Brothers (including Jonathan's dad, Mike) offer rain barrels, rain cisterns, rain tanks, and drip irrigation. Their clients include the City of Columbus, FLOW, Ohio Governor's Residence, Schools…and many more. They believe that they can live simply and adhere to principles of environmental, racial, and economic justice while operating a business.


Erik Hagen and Jeff Eichorn – Partners, Norwegian Wood

Web: www.norwegian-wood.org Phone: (614) 207-3808

Erik and Jeff are craftsmen offering affordable, detail oriented, and conscientious building services.  Norwegian Wood is focused on offering sustainable and environmentally friendly products wherever they can be used.  Erik learned the craft from his grandfather and father, and entered the construction business at the age of 20.  Jeff is a graduate of CCAD, and carved for a cabinet company until he moved on to build a passive solar farmhouse (Just This Farm), where he met Erik. Their portfolio ranges from historical renovations to custom modern style remodels.  Both men are proud fathers.


Mike and Linda Johnson – Owners, Scioto Gardens

Web: www.sciotogardens.com Phone: (740) 363-8264

Michael and Linda Johnson founded Scioto Gardens to return to more natural growing methods in order to benefit the environment. Respectively, they hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Horticulture and Natural Resources to underscore their lifelong fervor for gardening and nature.  Scioto Gardens emphasizes native plants, yet exotics are also grown...provided they are not species detrimental to our environment.

Michael has worked in every area of the green industry from garden centers to landscaping to large wholesale nurseries. He came to believe that the aggressive 'factory style' processes common in the industry may finish plants quickly but do so at the expense of long-term plant health. His observations, along with their combined academic training, led the Johnsons to their current, more natural growing procedures...favoring organic techniques whenever possible, using recycled containers, and growing plants in a natural soil/compost blend for faster establishment and to produce stronger, healthier plants.

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